About us


INAYA is an innovative modest fashion store concept that specializes in women's or muslimah clothing. INAYA was found in 2016 with a concept store idea for muslimah. INAYA provides lifestyle for active Muslim women with a wide variety of collections such as shirts, blouses, outwearers, scarves, hijabs and more. The products we provide are selectively selected to meet the needs of a chic and up to date fashionable Muslim fashion, all offered at an affordable price.

INAYA provides a wide range of well-known local brands. Currently INAYA has a branch that can be visited at Palembang Square Extension (PSx) Mall, South Sumatra.

Some local brands available in Inaya:

  • Inaya
  • Meccanism
  • Simply Veewee
  • Kivitz
  • Abame
  • Aqeera
  • Evolvere

Out Team

We provide the best customer experience ever.

INAYA e-commerce are reachable through the following methods: